Our consultants take great care in providing a high level of personal service to our customer base, with a solid track record in the following industry verticals amongst others.

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Distribution & Wholesale

Background: For a large distributor of electrical products wanted a review of their distribution and logistics operations to improve inventory accuracy levels and increase hourly shipment volumes.

Services Rendered: DC operations and WMS review and Cost-to-serve analysis.

Outcome: Client can implement new inventory metrics, redefine demand planning & inventory processes and establish optimal production and inventory levels.

Background: A leader in the distribution of automotive aftermarket parts and industrial paint in North America wished to consolidate inventory and sourcing processes for all their distribution centers.

Services Rendered: Consolidate sourcing processes, Inventory Management strategy, planning and execution, Product portfolio strategy and DC design and operations improvement.

Outcome: Client was able to reduce and redistribute inventory to their 34 distribution facilities and provide common processes for the Canadian and US purchasing group.

Energy & Mining

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Financial Services

Background: For one of the largest financial institutions in Canada, Avalon was requested in support of the vice-Presidency of supply and administrative services to review existing RFP processes, contract management governance and ensure procurement principles are followed.

Services Rendered: Strategic sourcing and Replenishment / Tactical Purchasing.

Outcome: Generated over $25M in savings by providing procurement leadership support and establishing common procurement policies.


Background: Canada's public film and digital media producer and distributor needed to review its procurement processes and establish a standard tender framework.

Services Rendered: Strategic sourcing and Replenishment / Tactical Purchasing.

Outcome: Revised procurement strategy and operating model and increased focus on contract management and supplier performance management.


Background: In partnership with Tecsys, a Washington DC hospital wanted to avoid inventory shortages and just in time replenishment of units and surgery rooms through a RFID tag based Kanban system.

Services Rendered: Inventory Management and Optimization and Resource/Capacity Planning.

Outcome: Reduced nurse calls for urgent inventory shortages and reduced on floor inventory.

IT & Telco

Background: Avalon assisted a large reseller of IT products wanted to develop a common delivery framework for its Eastern Region operations.

Services Rendered: Supply Chain Strategy Alignment and Network Optimization.

Outcome: Executed a new delivery model that allowed the company to expand on its solution offering and attract new customers.


Background: A leading North American processor and marketer of value-added frozen fish and seafood wished to pursue the implementation of standardized WMS within its facilities.

Services Rendered: Supply Chain Strategy Alignment and Network Optimization, Warehouse Design and Layout and Distribution Centre Process Improvement.

Outcome: Avalon provided a standardized approach for a WMS implementation across the client North American distribution network.

Background: A 3rd party contract manufacturer requested assistance in the transition to their new warehouse facility. Avalon provided the necessary resources, knowledge and assistance that will allow for a smooth and seamless transition to the new facility.

Services Rendered: Distribution planning, Warehouse Design and Layout and Distribution Centre Process Improvement.

Outcome: Improved inventory location accuracy to 99.5%, implemented product zoning and KPIs to measure warehouse performance.


Background: A global non-profit organization that teaches children in need with educational games needed to expand its infrastructure and service capabilities to meet the demands of new operating regions.

Services Rendered: ERP & Technology Strategy review.

Outcome: Board approved a 5-year roadmap that will meet current and future business challenges.


Background: A global association that supports aviation with global standards for airlines safety, security, efficiency and sustainability, wanted to reduce operating and delivery costs to member airlines.

Services Rendered: ERP & Technology Strategy review.

Outcome: Implemented successfully new business processes that generated departmental savings of $4M.

Background: For one of the largest railway companies in North America, wanted to review and improve the SOX framework and structure to streamline efforts to respond to audits and ensure compliance objectives are attained.

Services Rendered: Asset Management.

Outcome: An updated framework is currently being implemented that meets audit requirements in a timely manner.


Background: For one of the largest beauty companies in the world, wanted to restructure its U.S. distribution operations to enhance service to representatives and improve operating efficiencies through new technologies.

Services Rendered: Supply Chain Strategy Alignment, Distribution Centre Process Improvement and Technology Enablement & Management.

Outcome: Consolidated warehousing operations to a new state-of-art automated distribution center that handles shipping to over 50% U.S. sales volume.

Background: A major Canadian retail company needed assistance to execute its Omni-Chanel strategy and transform their supply chain.

Services Rendered: Channel strategy and Omni-Channel Fulfillment.

Outcome: Able to lower fulfillment costs and implemented ship-from-store services to meet changing customer demands.