Do you have that sinking feeling when you have been presented with your new supply chain strategy and you have no skills or resources to implement the solution. Avalon has extensive experience helping customers with the implementation of their supply chain strategy. Don’t leave your vision on the shelf, let us help you move forward and implement it with our experienced supply chain execution consultants.

Supply Chain Execution services

Warehouse Design and Layout – We assist customers in the identification of causal issues through Warehouse Facility Design, Layout and Operations Audits.

Distribution Centre Process Improvement – Our consultants are able through process, equipment or Warehouse Layout changes, to deliver significant benefits in the areas of: Space Utilisation, Order Fulfillment Accuracy, Headcount Reduction, Improved Order Picking Product, Product Throughput Velocity, Cost Reduction and Service Improvement.

Technology Enablement and Management (WMS, TMS, LMS, Automation) – We work with the customer’s staff and the technology vendors, ensuring that implementation is conducted on time and on budget, delivering the expected outcomes.

Omni-Channel Fulfillment – We assist retailers to enable their supply chain to support cross-channel order demand.

ERP & Technology Strategy – We provide a balanced, vendor agnostic perspective when it comes to choosing the right software solution.

Replenishment and Tactical Purchasing – We can build a realistic, constrained supply plan that provides the basis for procurement, manufacturing, and distribution tactical activities to become the foundation for effective communications with customers and sales.

Asset Management – We can assist in the evaluation and assessment of asset usage in terms of efficiency, utilisation and asset design to match optimal supply chain operations.

Field Services Management – Our consultants can design processes and automate the field operations of a team of service professionals through mobile systems.