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Avalon CSC, a supply chain consulting firm with offices in Montreal, Toronto, and Chicago, and Slimstock Canada, a global software solutions provider specializing in inventory optimization, join forces to offer a turnkey, efficient and integrated supply chain solution.

Against a backdrop of increasing volatility and uncertainty in the supply chain world, awareness of and demand for S&OE and S&OP solutions has grown. Both Slimstock and Avalon see the changing supply chain landscape as an opportunity for companies to be more dynamic, and to rethink their strategy and operations. Resilient and responsive supply chains will be key to gaining competitive advantage in the marketplace, while visibility of demand and supply will be a prerequisite for survival. With technology playing a key role in improving supply chain management capabilities, Avalon will help companies activate their processes and data to leverage the benefits offered by Slimstock’s cutting-edge demand and supply orchestration solutions.

Slim 4, an inventory optimization and planning software, is used by over 1,300 companies with a 96% retention rate.  The platform developed by Slimstock uses artificial intelligence to obtain more accurate demand forecasts and inventory parameters, enabling you to achieve your service and inventory turnover objectives.  It’s robust, fast and, above all, easy to use.  It enables a company to run simulations to make informed decisions about their inventory investments and operational impacts. We believe our partnership will help our customers not only achieve their service and inventory objectives, but also gain a long-term competitive advantage,” says Karina Di Giovanni, Practice Leader.

“Avalon consultants in-depth knowledge and expertise in our industry is a major asset in helping to solve customer problems in today’s supply chain disruptions. With Avalon sharing the same philosophy and focus on solving customer problems, this partnership was a natural fit. Together, we will accelerate the implementation time of our solution, thanks to a dedicated team of Avalon consultants trained in Slimstock’s methodology and solution,” says Dominique Gauthier, General Manager,Quebec.

About Slimstock

Slim4 is inventory management and supply chain optimization software developed by Slimstock, a global provider of software solutions. Since its foundation in 1993, Slimstock has helped over 1,300 companies in 60 countries achieve excellence in Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE). Slimstock’s primary objective is to help companies achieve maximum return on their inventory investment, while establishing solid workflows for a resilient supply chain. Slimstock’s in-depth industry knowledge and commitment to its customers are at the heart of all its activities.

Contact: Solutions and general information: ; 514-909-5961

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About Avalon CSC

Avalon CSC is a supply chain optimization consulting firm serving North America.  The company offers customized solutions designed to help customers generate more revenue by making the right strategic, planning and execution decisions.  Avalon CSC helps distributors and manufacturers make strategic decisions regarding distribution center, location and planning technology and automation selection, inventory management, process optimization and workplace change management.

Contact: Solutions and general information:; 866-388-8448

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