New Partnership: Aveva


Avalon CSC is very proud to announce its partnership with Aveva, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric – the leader in industrial software solutions driving digital transformation across various sectors.

By combining Avalon CSC’s deep knowledge in strategy and digital transformation with AVEVA’s technological expertise, our customer will benefit from a holistic approach to harness the full potential of AVEVA’s solutions for their entire supply chain.

From future investment planning to project execution, ensuring change management and solution readiness, Avalon CSC can maximize your supply chain’s potential. In the manufacturing and mining sectors, the Aveva suite will allow our experts to optimize your project ROI, improving operational efficiency and market competitiveness.

About Avalon CSC

Avalon CSC specializes in providing supply chain advisory services across all manufacturing and commercial sectors. Comprised of industry experts, we deliver supply chain solutions to address our clients’ present and future challenges.

For more information, contact Fabien Girard, Industry Leader ‑ Manufacturing 

About Aveva

AVEVA is a global leader in industrial software, providing engineering and industrial software solutions to various sectors. The company specializes in digital transformation, offering software solutions for the design, operation, and management of complex industrial processes and assets.

Founded in the UK, AVEVA has a strong global presence, serving customers in over 40 countries worldwide. Through strategic partnerships and continuous innovation, the company remains at the forefront in delivering cutting-edge software solutions that enable industries to adapt to evolving challenges and achieve operational excellence.

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