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In a constantly changing environment, technology, performance metrics, flexibility and resilience must be at the heart of supply chain strategy.

Our approach based on people, processes and technology enables managers to make informed and calculated decisions in a limited period of time. Avalon can help you develop short, medium and long-term action plans with recommendations to minimize risk and optimize growth opportunities. Whether it’s a business decision or investment regarding automation, layout, processes, outsourcing or transport, Avalon will support you in a completely independent manner.


3PL Selection & Integration

We support 3PL selection and the integration by evaluating, planning and managing the transition. Our commitment is to maximize your investment in this partnership by ensuring growth in the relation as well as the operations.

Automation & Distribution Center Assessment​

We diagnose your operations, expansion plans and layout in terms of warehousing processes, health and safety and automation potential for both large and small businesses.

Distribution Center Design

We assist customers in the design of an extension, a new or an existing site. Through analysis, experiences and best practices, we provide guidance to ensure that your investment supports your growth.

Technology Selection (ERP, WMS, TMS, YMS)​

Combined with our expertise and experience, we help you select the best technology partner through our proven methodology of process review, functionality review, demonstrations, cost and recommendations.

Network Optimization & Integration

Using algorithmic software and scenarios based on your data, we help you make the best business decisions. We model your network to understand the financial and operational impacts and help you mitigate those.

Transportation Strategy

We help you reduce your transportation costs or reduce your greenhouse gas emission. Our expertise covers route optimization, carrier selection or the decision to invest in a truck fleet.

Avalon csc

Planning & Inventory

Planning and inventory management are two critical aspects of sound supply chain management. Optimized product or service demand planning is the key to aligning production, inventory and distribution with objectives.
Our approach based on predictive methods and advanced modeling allows our clients to better understand, interpret and take action on their data quickly. We understand the difficulty of getting the right mix of products at the right time and our team of consultants is here to help. Whether it’s on a production line or in a distribution center, we know how to create and implement solutions that will bring value to your company.


Planning Tool Assessment​

We assess and maximize the use of your planning tools. Whether it be ERP, MRP, APS, SCP or other. We have the expertise to guide and train you, to use them to their full potential.

Resource / Capacity Planning​

We can assist in accurately determining when and where to adjust capacity to more effectively manage costs and customer service across flexible global manufacturing and distribution networks.

Sales and Operations Assessment (S&OP)

We can help you leverage S&OP/IBP as a framework to coordinate end-to-end collaborative planning between finance, sales, marketing, product development and supply chain in order to improve decision-making.

Inventory Planning and Optimization

Enable the strategic positioning of safety stock and strategic inventory buffers in the supply chain by leveraging leading technologies and processes that help supply chain managers balance cost, service, and lead-time objectives.

Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling

We assist companies to identify and act on production bottlenecks by developing comprehensive plan that make them run smoothly and efficiently. We have the tools to optimize the most complex production environment.

Procurement & Maintenance Management​

We help organizations address all aspects of their procurement and sourcing operations to achieve savings and improve supplier relationships.

Avalon csc

Warehouse Operations

Improving warehouse operations and space utilization is key to sustainable growth and outperforming the competition. With a view to optimization and cost reduction, Avalon can support you in several large-scale projects such as the integration of warehousing systems, space optimization and product positioning, automation integration or process review.

Our team of experts and engineers are committed to operations and the deployment of a winning strategy in partnership with internal teams. Our tested and robust methodology adapts to the needs of each client and allows for support during the transition. Not to mention change management, which plays a very important role in each of our projects.


Layout Configuration

We provide a scalable warehouse layout that maximizes total space. We recommend the best storage solutions, taking into account product characteristics, operational and safety constraints.

Warehouse Optimization

Our consultants are able through process, equipment or layout changes, to deliver significant benefits in the areas of; space utilization, overall productivity, order fulfillment accuracy, service-level improvement, and more.


Optimizing pickup time is directly related to the configuration of storage spaces and the position of each item. With our advanced simulation tools, we can guide you toward an optimal configuration.

Technology Enablement (ERP, WMS, TMS, YMS)​

We facilitate technology implementations by acting as an integrator that understands both operations and technology. We ensure that our clients’ strategies are met on time and on budget.

Automation Integration

We support companies with automation requirement documentation and integration. We understand the interfaces between any automation and a WMS and we can leverage both to optimize operations and product flow.

Shop Floor Technology Deployment

Avalon has a dedicated team that can help you implement your technology in a faster and better way. By understanding your processes and the technology on the market, we can assist in testing, training or configuration.

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Manufacturing & Maintenance

Optimal management of production and maintenance is critical in reducing costs, product quality and delivery time.

Our expertise allows organizations to optimize the incoming and outgoing flows of a production line, from raw material management to preventive maintenance of equipment. Avalon understands the financial impact of downtime, whether it’s due to poor planning, scheduling, control or equipment failure, we are dedicated to helping you minimize it. Our approach to reducing downtime and optimizing productivity allows companies to increase their service levels and overall profitability.


Factory Design & Layout

Optimizing manufacturing design and layout is an ongoing process that requires careful analysis, planning, and execution. Avalon can assist companies in increasing productivity by reviewing shop floor design and cycle times.

Asset Performance

We help you in monitoring, analyzing and optimizing the performance of assets and maximizing their life cycle. In order to stay proactive and avoid unscheduled downtime, we guide you through predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Operations Control

We can assist you in better controlling your operation with software or coaching. Whether it by optimizing your SCADA or your HMI software, Avalon can help you select and operates the right tool based on your needs.

Operations Data Management

Avalon assist customers in creating value out their own operational data. We help develop reports and powerful KPIs to enable digital transformation and allow information to be shared in real time.

Production Optimization

We assist our customers in optimizing their manufacturing by revising their master production planning or material requirements planning methods to ensure a fair and balanced factory load across periods.

Field Services

Avalon can support field services in any site to guide the operators on specific installation or maintenance. We have highly skilled consultants that can assist on highly technical automation or predictive maintenance.

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Managed Services

Change is the only constant in business today and your operations need to keep pace. Continuous improvement is the essence of Avalon’s managed services program.

Our teams of experts will establish a tailored program for your business, ensuring that you are adopting best practices, and reviewing your processes in a structured and scheduled format (daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly). From item master data, to transportation cost reviews, Avalon’s end to end supply chain expertise is applied and drives your continuous improvement functions internally. We work hard to optimize your processes to ensure the best of your operations and your growth.


Master Data Management​

Item set up is a key driver of many decisions from “make or buy” to proper inventory levels. We can provide ongoing data review to ensure your item parameters are properly managed to drive your business process and decisions.

Automation Performance

Automation investments are very capital intensive, and a lack of performance can be extremely detrimental. Our automation experts can help to periodically review work methods to ensure the equipment is utilized to the maximum.

Demand & Inventory​

Having the right inventory, in the right place, and the right time cannot be left to chance. Avalon can provide guidance on the process, and our experts can provide periodic reviews of inventory levels ensuring optimal outcomes.

Re-Slotting/Volumetric Data​

Volumetric data for your stock items is the key input to warehouse slotting. Items and business conditions change, so Avalon supports periodic re-slotting of your warehouse to keep your slotting optimal as market trends shift.

Procurement & Sourcing

Properly managing spends and contracts is critical to your success. Avalon’s procurement experts can review your processes and work with your team towards building the right procurement strategy to suit your business.

Transportation Management

Transportation costs can amount to 30-50% of your logistics costs. As business and markets shift, Avalon can lead periodic reviews of your transportation spend to ensure lowest overall cost and best service to your clients.

Warehouse Operations

Periodic reviews of your working methods are at the heart of a continuous improvement program. Our experts are here to lead and guide your process reviews, challenge existing methods, and move you towards best practices.

Network Capacity

As your business evolves, Avalon can work with your teams to develop strategic road maps to support your growth, and periodically review and adjust those plans to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

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