Supply Chain Planning Consulting

Processes have become more and more complex. Customer demand and lead-times in general are becoming more volatile whilst competition keeps margins under pressure.

It has become a real challenge to seamlessly integrate and align all processes in the supply chain.

Our team of supply chain consultants has a long and successful track record of helping clients drive significant performance improvements in these key areas of Supply Chain Planning.

Our Planning Solutions for Your Supply Chain Improvement

Demand Planning

Begin the supply chain planning processes by predicting future demand based on qualitative and quantitative techniques – create a proactive, accurate demand forecast that becomes the basis for downstream planning activities.

Collaborative Forecasting

Our team can assist in collecting and reconciling the information from diverse sources inside and outside the company; to come up with a single unified statement of demand.

Sales and Operations Planning

Our team of consultants can help you leverage S&OP/IBP as a framework to coordinate end-to-end collaborative planning and coordination between finance, sales, marketing, product development, and supply chain functions to align plans and improve decision making.

Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling

We assist companies with site concepts, production and logistics planning, and process optimisation in complex production networks.

Resource and Capacity Planning

We can assist in accurately determining when and where to adjust capacity to more effectively manage costs and customer service across flexible global manufacturing and distribution networks.

Distribution Planning

We can develop an effective distribution plan with the power to minimize shortages, reduce ordering, transportation and inventory carrying costs, and improve customer service.

Inventory Management and Optimization

Enable the strategic positioning of safety stock and strategic inventory buffers in the supply chain by leveraging leading technologies and processes that help supply chain managers balance cost, service, and lead-time objectives.

MRO Management

Our consultants can help you overcome the roadblocks to planning and scheduling and calculate the true cost benefit for planning and scheduling maintenance work activities.

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