Supply Chain Strategy Consulting

The focus of this work involves aligning a company’s supply chain strategy to its business strategy. In situations of high growth, companies need a flexible supply chain to ensure that their growth plans can be absorbed at an incremental cost. In more certain demand situations companies should aim to ensure that their supply chain operates to optimum levels, with balance between service and cost.

This approach incorporates process, organization, technology, and performance measurement to help executives understand the trade-offs between cost and flexibility in response to margin pressures they may be facing. We also address those trade-offs to achieve the desired balance between cost service levels across the supply chain.

Our Services for a Strategic Supply Chain Management

Merger and Acquisition Rationalisation

Our work often involves assisting companies to rationalise their supply chain operations such as reducing the number of distribution facilities and transport operations as well as reducing the amount of inventory in the system to match working capital needs.

Supply Chain Due Diligence

Assisting private equity firms and clients in identifying investment potential, efficiency opportunities and profitability drivers, as well as detailed due diligence support.

Supply Chain Start Up

Working from the bottom up, our consultants can determine the optimum supply chain model.

Channel Strategy

We ensure that supply chain initiatives are optimized to meet various channel strategies.

Supply Chain Strategy Alignment and Network Optimization

Assist companies in developing and optimizing a Supply Chain Strategy, Logistics Strategy or Distribution Strategy.

Strategic Sourcing

Helping organizations address all aspects of their procurement and sourcing operations to achieve savings and improved supplier relationships.

Logistics Strategy

We can evaluate how processes in the supply chain interact with all logistical operations and can suggest process improvements.

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