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Our team of supply chain management professionals have practical and functional expertise; Avalon CSC has designed and implemented many solutions in some of the largest companies here and elsewhere.

Based on its expertise, Avalon CSC offers training selected based on requirements and proven best practices in supply chain management for its customers.

Whether it is for an upgrade or to acquire new knowledge, our training courses can be adapted as needed.

These trainings may be eligible for tax credits.

We provide the following training courses:

Transport & Warehouse Management Systems

Insourcing vs. Outsourcing and how to optimise returns from 3PL Relationships

Pros & Cons of Warehouse Layouts & Designs, Fulfillment Methods and Automation

Best practices in Warehouse Management & Operations

Demand & Supply Planning Excellence

Sales & Operations Planning

How to design and optimise a supply chain network

Which supply chain network model best suits your requirements

What to consider when designing supply chain networks

When and why to optimise supply chain networks

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We help Senior Executives boost their Supply Chain performance in terms of cost and service.