Unlocking Efficiency: Strategies for Streamlining Shipping Costs


Shipping costs present multiple challenges for shippers, which can impact their profitability and customer service. Rising fuel prices, fluctuating transportation rates, and the complexities of managing global supply chains lead to higher shipping costs. Additionally, the constant demand for faster delivery times and the increasing need for sustainable practices adds layers of complexity and cost. These factors compel shippers to continuously optimize their logistics strategies in order to maintain competitive pricing while making sure products are delivered on time.

Avalon CSC helps shippers reduce their shipping costs by applying their expertise to identify inefficiencies, optimize logistics processes, and implement cost-saving strategies tailored to every shipper’s needs. Using our unique approach, Avalon CSC will provide options with sizeable ROIs.

To effectively reduce shipping costs, Avalon CSC considers the following elements as some of the many potential solutions in their repertoire:
  • Implementation of a transport management system. A TMS can improve transportation operations, consolidate transport data in one tool, show you upfront carrier rates depending on dims/weights, show you upfront carrier selections depending on order volume, and much more.
  • Creation of partnerships with your carriers which leads to better service, more capacity and lower costs.
  • Strategic optimization of your distribution network, resulting in lower costs, faster lead times, better control and reduced risk.

As mentioned, these solutions are only the tip of the iceberg, that is Avalon CSC’s expertise and knowledge. Optimizing transportation management can benefit shippers’ businesses by saving 5% to 15% on freight costs and saving 10% to 30% on administration and management costs. Additionally optimizing carrier selection on both inbound/outbound freight can reduce risks, lower costs and improve customer service. 

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Zak Mailloux

Supply Chain Consultant

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