WMS Definition

A warehouse management system is a software application providing visibility across a company’s entire inventory while managing supply chain execution operations.


  • Better tracking and traceability
  • Eliminate operational exceptions
  • KPI/Dashboard
  • Better use of the full distribution center
  • Better understanding of key process and value add services


  • Adds discipline to processes
  • A Company-Wide Project


  • Absence of Accounting Transaction OMS – Purchasing


  • Current State Assessment and Recommendations
  • Processes and operations evaluation
  • IT system evaluation
  • Working method revision
  • Layout potential change and optimisation
  • Confirmation of the new processes
  • Finalize WMS implementation budget and plan

Design and development

  • Elaboration of the change management and communication plan
  • Detail functional processes development
  • Feature reference manual
  • WMS contract finalization
  • Architecture system finalization
  • Sustain master data responsability
  • Interface needs/ communication management

Installation and Go-Live

  • Configuration and customization of ERP / WMS
  • Development of the system interface
  • Training material and user training
  • Site preparation and conversion plan
  • System go live
  • Post implementation support and control

Warehouse Management System – A company project

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